What is credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is when your credit card details are stolen by fraudsters.

They'll often use them to make payments, or to sell them on to other criminals.

This activity can affect your credit report if the fraudsters exceed your credit card limit.

Signs that you may have be a victim of credit card fraud

- Your card is rejected when you try to make a payment

- Your credit card or bank statements show purchases that you don’t remember making

- You receive a notification for a transaction that you didn't make Tips to avoid credit card fraud

- Enable app notifications (Settings > Notifications) so you'll immediately know if there's a payment you don't recognise

- Always keep your credit card in sight when paying for things

- Never share your card details or PIN with others

- Only communicate with Keebo through official, secure channels with password or identity protection - Be wary of unexpected emails, texts or calls from Keebo – chat with us in the app before responding - Visit the Money Advice Service for more information about credit card fraud If you've seen transactions that look fraudulent

It's important to freeze your card immediately:

1. Go to the Card tab in the app

2. Tap Freeze my card

When you've done this, please send us a message explaining the situation so we can help:

1. Tap the Settings cog on the app

2. Scroll down to Support and tap Support centre

3. Send us an email or chat with our support team

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