I have made a repayment of my card balance but have not got any points. Why?

Points for repayments are awarded only when you reach certain thresholds.

You should always get points for your first payment after you received your statement.

If you have not got any points, please contact us via support through in-app chat or by email to support@keebo.com.


You may not get points for payments when:

- your latest statement balance was £0 or in credit (i.e. you did not owe Keebo any money at the time of last statement)

- your payment is below the minimum payment stated on your latest statement

- you already made a repayment since your latest statement

- you already repaid the whole balance stated on your latest statement


Please note points will not be awarded for repayment before your first statement is generated.

This is because without us knowing the total amount spent for that month, we cant calculate your points just yet – as you may spend more before your statement.

Please make sure your repayment at least meets the minimum repayment or above to earn points

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